Students got a jump on summer, and got one over on West Ashley High administrators, with what appears to be a senior prank that essentially involved trashing the campus.

On routine patrol at 2 a.m. on May 27, an officer came upon the school and found that unknown persons had used duct tape to block the entrance.

Officers went on to find:

• Five pairs of panties taped to the school sign.

• Approximately 50 inflated balloons floating around the school’s retention pond.

• Paint covering a stop sign and some school windows, several had “Seniors” and “Seniors 09” written on them.

• Hundreds of Jolly Ranchers and Life Savers all over the sidewalk.

• Approximately 200 plastic forks and spoons, some with writing on them and others stuck straight down into the ground.

•A large batting cage had been moved to block the rear entrance to the school.

• General toilet-papering of trees and bushes and trash cans turned over.

Officers estimated the damage at $300.

Teaser photo by Flickr user stevendepolo