To put it as the Reformed Whores introduce themselves on stage, “We used to be whorin’, but we ain’t no more-in!”

Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson, who make up the musical comedy group, pair off-limits subjects with a folksy country music sound.

Dolled up in Western fringe, the women take the stage smiling insipidly, then open their mouth’s and let fly all kinds of don’t tell your mama smut. The duo’s musical acts are often parodies of the country and western genre, especially its proper Southern belle frontwomen like June Carter and Dolly Parton. Cheeky lyrics — see songs “Hump A-lot Bear” and “Southern Cumfort” — provide a hilarious contrast with country music’s typical stereotypes.

But how did two women start going on the road opening their acts with “We used to blow Mikes, now we sing into them”? The duo met five years ago at a party and instantly clicked.

“We decided right then and there to start a band,” Anderson remembers. “We didn’t know what that would look like, but we started writing songs together that made each other laugh.”

And thus Reformed Whores was born. The name was inspired by the title of a friend’s Spotify playlist. “We just loved the concept and it seemed to fit us well since our songs are mostly about relationships and sex,” Anderson says. “Historically there is a lot of humor in country songs so it’s a perfect fit.”

If you’ve ever lamented the lack of raunchy lyrics on Charleston’s country music stations, then you certainly won’t be disappointed. But those scared to talk about their private parts might want to avoid this show. Another hit tune starts out, “There seems to be a common misconception, round the subject of ladies rectums, that girls don’t defecate” and, well, you can see where it goes from there.