[image-1] In September, leader of the Moral Monday Movement Rev. Dr. William Barber spoke out about what he sees as the “theological malpractice” of what he called the “religious right,” saying, “We believe these are serious times, and that our work is to look at public policy through the moral lens of justice for all and through the constitutional principle of governing for the good of the whole. Our work is to point out that extremist policies are morally indefensible, constitutionally inconsistent, and economically insane.”

Moving forward from his fiery speech at this summer’s Democratic National Convention and a nationwide effort to challenge religious leaders to oppose political practices that affect vulnerable communities, Barber is now set to lead a revival in Charleston on Oct. 23. Joined by local clergy, Barber and his colleagues hope to build a statewide movement focused on tackling economic policies, access to education, criminal justice reform, and equal access to health care for all communities.

Next Sunday’s revival will consist of an interfaith service open to everyone interested in attending. The event will feature South Carolina performers such as singer Ann Caldwell and poet Marlanda Dekine, as well as community members sharing personal stories of how certain political policies have affected their lives.

The revival will be held at Mt. Zion AME Church at 5 Glebe St. from 6:30-8:30 p.m.