With the closure of Saint Alban (due to a location change), we’ve heard caffeine fiends bemoaning their limited coffee shop choices — as if The Daily, Kudu, Black Tap, City Lights, Baked, Mercantile & Mash, WildFlour Pastry, and numerous Starbucks weren’t enough. Well weep no more espresso junkies, there’s a new brew coming to town.

Revelator Coffee Company plans to open a coffee shop at 550 King St. (near Woolfe Street) early next year. The brand started in New Orleans and has locations in Atlanta, Birmingham, Ala., and Tennessee. Details are scant, but we do know that in addition to coffee, Revelator will sell tea and partner with businesses to serve pastries and sandwiches. 

While the opening is a long way off, Revelator will introduce itself to Charleston’s coffeeratti next week at the Sun. Nov. 8 Charleston Coffee Cup. Head roaster Cameron Heath and Revelator co-founder Emma Chevalier will both be in attendance.

We have a store opening on King Street in Charleston soon but, before we open our doors, we’ll be in town for the…

Posted by Revelator Coffee Company on Monday, October 26, 2015