[image-1]It’s been a big month for Revelry Brewing Co. Just last week we announced that the Conroy Street brewery is opening an open-air tasting room in the next few months. And now we’ve learned of some more changes for the almost-two-year-old brewery: Revelry is expanding its wild and sour beer brewing capabilities. 

In a press release today the brewery announced that it’s adding a new barrel cellar, off-site. The 3,000-square-foot cellar will be temperature and humidity controlled, placing an emphasis on beers made with souring bacteria and wild yeast. That’s right, sour-heads, more sour and wild beers are comin’ at ya. The cellar is currently under construction, with an expected completion date of Jan. 2017.

The new cellar space will have room for about 300 barrels, several stainless tanks, a dozen large oak foeders (wine tanks), and a Koelschip, a fermentation vessel. 

Pucker up.