[embed-1] Revelry Brewing Co. is making a late-breaking attempt at best beer name and label of 2018 with their latest release.

The downtown brewery’s new Russian imperial stout, is (naturally) called Collusion, and the labels by artist Chris Kemp show President Donald Trump and his business partner, er, political colleague, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Tasting notes from Revelry describe the RIS as having “a deceptively high strength” that “sneaks past the tongue with flavors of cacao nibs, toasted coconut, vanilla, coffee bean … The flavors provide the perfect cover-up for a subtle warmth and solid roast.”

To be clear, the Revelry guys say that “no political opinions or affiliations were expressed” in connection with the beer. “Save the drama for your momma, and enjoy this delicious stout with all your friends, no matter which way they lean,” the IG caption reads.

Just to connect the dots here … special prosecutor Robert Mueller is investigating connections in Trumpworld to foreign governments that may have had a hand in attempting to influence the 2016 election. So far, the Mueller team has gotten guilty pleas from at least 33 people, including five Trump advisors, in its investigation.

Collusion is available at The Hold (36 Romney St.), Revelry’s gonzo sour and aged beer laboratory, Tues.-Sun. 4-10 p.m.

But before you start shouting “NO COLLUSION,” co-owner Sean Fleming says there should be plenty to go around this week. [embed-2] [location-1]