Star Jonesin’
The fourth annual Folly Felder showcases regional talent

“This is the way film ought to be,” says Ron Mangravite of the University of Miami Motion Picture Department, in town for the Folly Felder Film Festival, “a community just hanging out together and having a drink.”

It was a dead-on assessment of the laid-back vibe during intermission at the screening. For one, the screening was at Folly Beach, where all drama is mellow to begin with. Two, the local and regional film crowd is a fairly close knit clan.

This camaraderie kept the night running smoothly. There were a few spots where the presentation of the films could have been sewn up a wee bit tighter, but no worries. A few technical glitches are required for any film festival or independent film screening. It allows everyone a chance to chat and catch up while the wires are wiggled.

The films themselves ranged from fair efforts to fall-off-the-chair outstanding. The comedies especially packed a lot of punch. There is plenty in the screenings for a general film buff to walk away smiling about but students of film will especially benefit from this demonstration of the power of succinctness.

Folly Felder Film Festival • Piccolo Spoleto’s Film and Literary Arts • (2 hours) • Free for film screenings • June 3, 4 at 7 p.m. • Holiday Inn Ballroom, 1 Center St. • 588-9636