P.S. 69 Most Likely to Succeed
No time-out time for one-woman show

Molly DeKowski’s really bad first try as a substitute teacher may be hard times for her, but it’s hilarious fun for the rest of us.
An older teacher makes a bitter prediction as Molly walks in to the teachers’ lounge, frazzled and running late with no idea that her class is on the other side of the campus: “She won’t last ten minutes.”
The audience is probably thinking the same thing at this point, as actress Susan Jeremy begins the hour-long tale of DeKowski’s rough times at Public School 69, juggling rowdy students, anal parents, and eccentric teachers — with Jeremy playing every character. Each has a different voice or quirky mannerism so you’re never confused about who you’re looking at. What’s striking is that you know these people. You may not have had a Ms. DeKowski, but you’ll find at least two or three teachers or classmates that look eerily familiar.
While the moments in the classroom are nostalgic and charming, it’s when Molly heads out of the classroom that the laugh-out-loud comedy ensues — from an embarrassingly hilarious appearance at a strip club to a living room salsa dance where Jeremy switches between dancing partners. She’s spent years with these characters and her mastery is evident. And when Jeremy (and her cast of characters) take a final bow, you’ll be dreading that class bell.

P.S. 69 • Piccolo Spoleto’s Piccolo Fringe • $15 • June 2,3 at 2 p.m. • Theatre 99, 280 Meeting St. • 554-6060