Glennis and Matt McCarthy were quite the comedic team as they stepped on stage at Theatre 99 Friday night to a warm welcome from the crowd. Glennis kicked things off with her presentation of “Survival-y”, her story of surviving in New York City at 19. Glennis, recently featured in the New York Times for her work with GLOC, had punch lines, hilarious tales, and advice for the crowd all taken from the book which she is currently writing. Each letter of “Survival-y” stood for a different survival skill and Glennis had a roundup of funny stories to go with each one.

Although the computer on stage, which she read from frequently, came to be a bit of a distraction — the sketch felt more like an autobiographical lecture at times — overall, Glennis won over the crowd with stories featuring the cat lady at her New York law firm job, tales of ex-boyfriends, and the array of characters at her nail school in Colorado. She left us with the meaning of the “Y” in survival-y, “You are awesome” and introduced her husband, Matt, melting our hearts with a kiss in between sets. Did I mention they’re the cutest comedy power couple ever?

Matt came onto the stage with just the right amount of awkward and hilarious expressions on his face to get the crowd laughing without even saying a word. With more of the typical stand-up feel, Matt kept a constant connection with the crowd, even talking to “Twiggy,” a girl with a pixie cut in the front row who interrupted one of his many hilarious jokes. He took her down a peg, saying “Wow, everybody hates you right now.”

“This has just been a delightful visit,” he said as he mentioned how he had nothing bad to say about Charleston, this being his first visit to the Holy City. The crowd was howling with his stories of baboons in Kenya, awkward questions about sex from ex-girlfriends, and an encounter with an annoying twelve-year-old while go-cart racing with Glennis in Chester, NY. There was definitely not a dull moment within Matt’s entire set and the crowd reaction proved it.

When the lights brightened and Matt left the stage to “A Hard Day’s Night” by the Beatles, I’ll admit that I was sad that it was over. I walked out with aching cheeks from laughing so hard and two new idols in the comedy world.