[image-1]It was sad to hear the news that Paul Harvey, a longtime ABC News broadcasting whose career spanned more than 70 years, passed away on Saturday, Feb. 27.

Harvey died at his winter home in Phoenix, surrounded by family. He was 90.

[image-2]Growing up, I remember hearing my parents listening to Harvey on A.M. radio. They, like many listeners and fans,  used to poke fun at Harvey’s unusually-paced delivery and announcing style. In high school, I remember laughing at comedian (and Saturday Night Live/Not Necessarily the News vet, pictured at left) Rich Hall’s impersonation of Harvey’s preacherly voice, awkward manner, and ’70s wardrobe. I found clip on YouTube of Hall doing a pretty sweet and silly “on the road”  scene on a 1986 Showtime special Rich Hall’s Vanishing America in which Hall plays himself and Harvey. Click here to view it.