Richard Todd, host of the Morning Buzz talk show on AM station 1250 WTMA, announced this morning that he will return to the airwaves on Feb. 16. He has not hosted the show since his wife, Mary, died of cancer on Jan. 3.

“Sadly, I think I’ve turned into John Boehner, and I’m a blubbering idiot,” Todd said during a 10-minute appearance on the show this morning. “The speaker of the House cries at the drop of a hat, it seems, and now everywhere I go, I have one of those little small packets of tissues with me.”

Todd said he still has “a tangle of things to deal with” before returning to the show, including cleaning his wife’s closet, figuring out retirement and insurance details, and picking a headstone. He is now raising his 9-year-old son, Tyler, as a single father and says he has gained a new appreciation for the plight of single parents. On the air this morning, he said he was throwing out the old Christmas tree when his son realized it was his mother’s last one. Tyler said he wanted to see her again but then added, “But dad, I think I’m over this.”

“He is a trooper. He is my hero. He has been my life preserver at times,” Todd said. “He has gotten back into the path that he was on when my wife was alive.”

Todd said he was grateful for the kind words people offered and for the donations they made to the Mary Todd Fund, a charity set up through Southcoast Community Bank to help Todd and his son pay their expenses.

Toward the end of his brief talk this morning, Todd reflected on the relationship he had shared with his wife.

“What Mary and I had is something that other people long for, wish for, maybe never ever find in their lives, and I would be hard pressed to think that I would ever meet anybody again who would love me in that way,” he said. “If I never find that again the rest of my life, I had it, and that is a treasure.”

Other employees of the station have been filling in during Todd’s 6-to-10 a.m. time slot, but the libertarian-leaning commentator’s quick wit and confident presence have been notably absent. Station alumnus Michael Graham has called in several times from his home in Boston to offer commentary on the Republican primary race.

Donations to the Mary Todd Fund can be made by cash or check at any Southcoast Community Bank or via PayPal at