Matt Bostick, the North Charleston hip-hop artist better known as Righchus, recently signed a record distribution partnership with Damon Dash’s record label and decided to change his stage name to Matt Monday.

Bostick, a four-time winner of Best Local Hip-Hop Artist in the Best of Charleston reader poll, got his original nickname when he was about 7 years old. Growing up in the Accabee neighborhood of North Charleston, he would sneak out of church on Sundays and rap against older boys on the basketball court. Looking at Bostick’s Sunday suit, they dubbed him Lil’ Righchus.

“I kind of grew out of it,” Bostick says. “All my friends have told me, ‘You’ve grown out of it. You’re not that little church boy anymore.'” The change of name also means that promoters and reporters won’t confuse him for a Christian rapper anymore. “That comes up in every interview,” Bostick says.

Bostick also recently formed his own company, S.W.I.M (Southern Wealth In Music) Music Group LLC, and partnered with BluRoc Records for distribution. “It gives me a chance to find myself and be my own artist, as well as if I see an artist, I can bring him under my umbrella,” Bostick says. BluRoc is a record label run by DD172, a media collective co-founded by Hilton Head native McKenzie Eddy and former Roc-A-Fella Records co-owner Damon Dash.

As for the new moniker, Bostick says it comes from his time spent at the Charleston County School of the Arts. “I used to take piano lessons on Mondays, and I used to have chorus on Mondays, so I’d always forget to go to chorus, and I hated going to piano lessons,” Bostick says. “So someone would always be like, ‘Matt, Monday.’ They didn’t have to say music. They just had to say Monday, and it was like, ‘Lessons: Do not forget.'”

Bostick, whose Taylor Engel-directed music video for “Stroker’s Row” was featured at SXSW this year, has a pair of singles due out in May and a full-length record planned for the summer. “I want to make something fun for the summer again,” Bostick says. “A lot of the music I’ve been making has been kind of overly conscious, so I want to get back to doing fun stuff for the summer that people can take time and lose themselves for a minute.”