Longtime local musician Rik Cribb (frontman of The Problems and the reunited SWZBXX) has been working with a company in Kuwait City since early March. He’s almost through with the project and aims to be back in the swing in Charleston by late-spring.

He recently sent City Paper a small stack of groovy/sandy snapshots:


We were glad to see he was alive and well … and we wondered if he’d played a version of Ray Stevens’ “Ahad the Arab” at a Kuwait City open mic night yet?

“No, but I have a copy of it believe it or not,” he says. “I’m trying to get a gig at the Hard Rock here. I brought a mobile studio with me and I’m trying to tap into that Middle Eastern sound. Stay tuned. Tell Chucktown I said ‘Hola’ from Kuwait City. Word up. Ahsal habibi.”