More important than the endorsement of Charleston Mayor Joe Riley is that he’s so damn excited about it.

Riley stood with state Sen. Vincent Sheheen (D-Camden) on Wednesday and announced his support for the gubernatorial candidate. Sheheen is in a five-man primary certain to offer a close race. Votes in the Lowcountry will be important in the primary, and they will be a necessity if a Democrat hopes to win the governor’s race in November.

On Wednesday, Riley and Sheheen spoke from a similar fairy tale about a governor who gets things done — it apparently was all the rage a few decades ago.

“It’s not about party,” Riley told the City Paper regarding the consensus building he envisions from a Sheheen administration. “It’s about work. It’s not about politics, it’s about governance. We had a string of governors years ago. Bob McNair, John West, Dick Riley — and before that Fritz Hollings — who were consensus builders and hard working. Governors who got up early in the morning to think about what they could do to better South Carolina.”

The mayor encouraged supporters to offer their help and hard work to get Sheheen elected.

“I’ve got a busy city to run, but this is very important to the people of South Carolina and Charleston,” Riley said regarding his own plans to get on the stump. “This young man is just what South Carolina needs. He is a breath of fresh air.”