Credit: Nikki Phillips

Country artist Haley Mae Campbell is thrilled to return to her hometown of Charleston in July to promote her new single, “Never Been in Love,” along with other original songs.

Her style combines the earnest charm of early Taylor Swift with the big-band sound of traditional country greats like Shania Twain. She will be performing at Red’s Ice House July 9, followed by a show at Home Team BBQ July 10. 

“Performing live is my heart and soul,” Campbell said, and she is looking forward to doing it in the city where she got her start as an artist. “I’m a Charleston girl at heart, even though I’ve been in Nashville for four years now,” she said. “I actually have been playing my own original music for ten years. I would go downtown and busk on King Street.” Red’s Ice House and Home Team were two of the very first venues to give her a stage. 

Campbell is also thrilled to be touring again after the pandemic caused her to cancel many of her shows. The shutdown was a disheartening experience, but the singer looked for any opportunity to make the best of it.

While figuring out how to promote “Never Been in Love,” she began to experiment with TikTok, allowing her to tap into an entirely new way to reach listeners and maintain her momentum. The song became something of a sensation on the social media platform, and she now has over 240,000 followers. “[If not for the pandemic], I would have never had the good luck and good fortune with ‘Never Been in Love’ over there. Hindsight is 20/20, and so many more people have heard the music,” she said.

The two events will showcase Campbell’s signature energetic, engaging performance style. Each set will feature some classic covers in addition to her original songs. “You’re going to hear a lot of new stuff that is not released yet,” she said.

Both the shows are free to the public. Friday’s show at Red’s Ice House starts at 9:30 p.m., and Saturday’s show at Home Team BBQ is at 8 p.m. Fans should also keep their eyes peeled for a music video for “Never Been in Love,” which will drop later this summer.