Exactly four days — or, if you like, 96 hours — now stand between us and the opening of Spoleto Festival 2007. One of the most reliable harbingers of festival season is that annual rite of public radio known as Spoleto Today, the SCETV-produced live morning program devoted to the two festivals, in which erudite, loquacious host Marcus Overton (a former Spoleto director himself) commentates about various elements of the artistic program and very occasionally lets his interview subjects get a word in, too.

[image-1]This morning’s kickoff program had Overton hosting City Office of Cultural Affairs director Ellen Dressler Moryl, who produces Piccolo Spoleto, and artist Fletcher Crossman, whose exhibit Illuminations in the Shadows is Piccolo’s big invitational at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park this year.

Spoleto Today (not to be confused with the P&C’s Spoleto-themed blog of the same name) runs weekday mornings through June 9 from 9-9:30 a.m. Last year, at a press function about midway through the festival, Overton took me to task for not pimping hard enough on this page for his program and for only belatedly noting that it, too, was available as a podcast (though iTunes so far isn’t grabbing a new feed for the show this year.) So I’m getting out in front of the denunciations with an urgent call to action: listen to Spoleto Today or risk the wrath of Mr. Overton and his vocabulary.

And then listen to my own podcasts here. (Personally, I like my podcat’s intro music — a Matt Bivins original —a lot more.) In the meantime, the moment that Overton mentions the City Paper and our Spoleto Buzz blog on his program, you’ll read about it right here.