[image-1] The RiverDogs new ballpark offerings for the 2018 season include a ‘silver anniversary’ hot dog, nitro cold brew iced coffee, and healthy options using local produce.

The bottom line: Nothing totally off the wall this year like last year’s cotton candy burger or a kimchi hot dog, but plenty of mostly, let’s say, realistic options to stuff your face during your next game at the Joe.

[image-4] Bottle Service: In celebration of the RiverDogs’ silver anniversary (25 years), you can get yourself a $25 all-beef wagyu hot dog wrapped with edible silver leaf and topped with pork belly, butter poached lobster, and a white truffle champagne aioli. If you wanna do the game right with your sweetie (or just alone, we don’t care), you can get TWO of those fancy dogs, a table for two, and bottle-service champagne for $175. (Since 25 years is 175 in dog years… get it?) Notes: Only one of those $175 packages are available per game, so plan accordingly.

Meat or no meat: Several new meatless options include a roasted carrot dog, vegan dog, and a meatless burger using the Beyond vegan patty. (As far as we know, the Joe will be the only place you can order a vegan burger in Charleston.) Notes: Don’t be scared off by the Beyond burger. [image-2] Down at the Burger Shack: In addition to the Beyond vegan burger, a new Landshark-branded burger stand near the park entrance will also feature a new ‘Wagyu Island burger’ with Spam bacon and pineapple and a shrimp burger topped with avocado aioli. Notes: That Spam bacon tho…

[image-5] Shake it Up: Following up other decidedly desserty booze shakes at the Joe, this year you’ll be able to guzzle down an all-new Margarita Beer Shake made with Lime-A-Rita, lime juice, vanilla ice cream, and margarita mix. You’ll also be able to find a non-alcoholic, sugar-free fruit smoothie. Notes: Margarita shake! Come on.

[image-6] Buzzy: This year will also see the debut of a new “Cup of Joe” stand featuring nitro coffee, cold brew, salads, and sandwiches. One of the salads is even served in a freakin’ baseball helmet. Notes: Even the peanuts and beer crowd needs an iced coffee sometimes.

The Kitchen Sink: The Dogs are also returning a variation on a popular offering with Kitchen Sink Chips, a sweet potato waffle fry dish topped with she-crab soup, two new flatbread pizzas, and a brie/apple/honey grilled cheese.

Opening day at the Joe is April 12. Single game tickets go on sale Monday.