Best TV Weather Forecaster, Best Do-Gooder
Rob Fowler

Knocking back his 24th or 25th (he’s lost count by now) City Paper’s Best TV Weather Forecaster award, WCBD Channel 2 weatherman Rob Fowler said it’s great to know that as times, people and readers change, he’s remained a consistent fixture in the Best Of special edition.

But his Best Do-Gooder award is a real “feather in the cap,” he said. “That’s what we do here, and if people are recognizing it, that’s great.”

As a local weather forecaster, it can take a while for viewers to understand and trust the way you do things, Fowler explained. So having dedicated 35 years (as of last Thursday) to Channel 2 has given him the opportunity to meet folks whose parents grew up watching him cover everything from rain and shine to snow and hurricanes — even Hugo. 

“I just thank the City Paper — they’ve always been really supportive of what we’re doing here — and its readers,” Fowler said. “It’s very humbling. We couldn’t do what we do without people out there watching, so I appreciate the viewers putting their faith in us to bring them the latest news, weather and sports.”

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