We knew he couldn’t stay retired forever. Everyone’s favorite singing chef Robert Dickson is reprising his role for the holiday season, teaming up with his daughter and son-in-law MariElena and Joe Raya for a handful of nights at The Gin Joint.

For decades this little restaurant on East Bay Street was known as Robert’s where all three worked together cooking, serving, and entertaining happy crowds with food, wine, and song. A couple years ago, Robert retired, and the Rayas renovated and put their successful high-end cocktail bar in the space.

Despite all the Gin Joint’s acclaim, MariElena says people still talk about Robert’s and others bemoan missing their chance to experience it, so they’ve decided to bring Robert and his beautiful baritone voice back for the holiday season.

“December was always our most popular month, and we wanted to get everyone in the holiday spirit at the Gin Joint,” says MariElena. The format of the evening will be just like the old days, with a set five-course menu with entrée choices.

The wines will be freely poured throughout the night, and coffee will be served with dessert. Expect to hear your favorite showtunes and carols, and go a little early for a Gin Joint cocktail. Tickets are prepaid and all-inclusive. The first one is this Sunday, Dec. 1 and they continue every Sunday through Dec. 23.