Provided/ Robert Lange and Nathan Durfee

[image-1] This June Robert Lange Studios presents a special collaborative show, By Our Powers Combined, which features the work of oil painters Robert Lange and Nathan Durfee. The duo have worked together before (RLS represents Durfee’s work), but this is the first time in a decade that they have worked on the very same panels.

The show opens on June 5 and runs throughout the month. Viewers can check out a wide variety of Lange and Durfee’s works; Lange began each painting, sending it to Durfee to complete.

Pandemic pending, the gallery will host both artists and guests for an all-day celebration and viewing on June 5.

Durfee described the collaborative process: “These collaborations act as a call-and-response. Rob creates precise compositions, that frankly hold up nicely on their own, and my job is to add to the conversation. The magic is in finding a response that’s equal parts belonging and unexpected. The blend elevates each of our parts.”

The artists have not physically seen each other during this quarantine, but have corresponded as “creative pen pals.”
[image-3] Perhaps one of the most striking works in this collection is “Heroes Having a Moment,” which pays homage to health care and essential workers and features two masked superheroes in an embrace.

While Lange painted the superheroes’ clothing, he left the rest of the piece up to Durfee. “Of all the paintings Nathan has made over the years, I have always been emotionally moved by his paintings where two characters were embracing or hugging,” said Lange.

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