I love egg salad. I love eggs. I love deviled eggs. And I was completely and utterly in love with the double egg salad and flounder crudo that Robert Stehling and his guest chef Tandy Wilson served at the Hominy Grill Dine Around on Friday night.

The dish was simple. Beautifully fresh flounder. Chunky eggs on the bottom. Shad roe on the top — hence the double egg. It was like the best, most forthright egg salad you’d ever eaten.

Stehling and Wilson seemed to mesh well in the kitchen. Afterwards, Stehling talked about how much he enjoyed the collaboration process — and Wilson joked about how Stehling shot down about five of his ideas right off the rip. But the two seemed to have a genuinely good time (not a given with these guest chef experiences) and it showed in the food. After the initial crudo course, they sent out a stone crab-artichoke soup (creamy and crabby), followed by a family-style course of lamb, rice, beans, and salad.

The roast lamb was served much like a porchetta, stuffed with a sausage that Wilson brought with him from City House, his restaurant in Nashville.

Dessert was a glass of rye whiskey served with an apple stack cake topped with cinnamon ice cream and caramel sauce. What a pairing. The heat of the whiskey, the cold of the ice cream, the flavors of the apple, cinnamon, and whiskey. Woowee, it was a fine end to a fine meal.

At the end of the meal, Ted Lee got up and said a few words about Southern food and got the chefs talking about the menu and what they cooked. So glad I didn’t let the Zac Pellacio cancellation deter me from heading to Hominy. I had such a wonderful time, and made some fast new friends at our table. We met a cool couple from Spawar (they do neato stuff up there in Goose Creek) in addition to the Lee Brothers’ literary agent Amy Hughes and her husband Silas. Good people. Good times.

  • Ted Lee, Amy Hughes, and Tandy Wilson