If there’s an avenue for transporting stressed-out parents back to the worry-free days of their childhood, surely it’s lined with candy and toys. Lisa and David Perrett, owners of the soon-to-open Robot Candy Company at 322 King St., are very much aware of this and hoping they can provide a retrospective of the past in a modern setting.

Robot will sell unique and vintage candies and toys as well as Robot merchandise, allowing moms and dads to wax nostalgic while introducing their kids to these same delights. Robot Candy Company is a place for candy- and toy-loving families to stop by, complete with a private room for birthday parties and a selection of children’s stories. But that doesn’t mean the older folks need a young escort to get through the door.

“We also want you to come here if you’re 60 years old, says Lisa Perrett. “When you’re a little kid, candy is one of the biggest things in life, and we’re excited about bringing that feeling back to older people, too.”

Robot Candy Company will have a “giant glowing wall of candy” replete with more types of gummy bears, malt balls, gumballs, and licorice than even the most faithful candy-lover would dare to imagine. The toy selection will have a lot of unique options you sure won’t find at Walmart, especially some shipped directly from Japan that aren’t widely available stateside.

Robot Candy Company’s Grand Opening is July 1.