Rock Camp Charleston hopes to strike a chord with campers and audiences at their ninth annual Camp Showcase event on July 20 at the Palmetto Scholars Academy in North Charleston.

The Camp Showcase is a yearly event where students play original songs with bands they formed while at Rock Camp Charleston. The entire process, including instrument instruction, lasts one week and culminates in the Camp Showcase performance.

The show is open to the public, but the camp is geared toward young girls, trans youth, and gender non-conforming youth. “Cis men have a role in supporting but it is not leadership,” says Kenya Cummings, a representative with the Carolina Youth Action Project.

Cummings added that Rock Camp Charleston is meant to “create a space” for the groups it aims to serve.

This year, 11 bands will play songs they wrote while at Rock Camp Charleston.

While at Rock Camp Charleston, campers are also put through social justice workshops that educate them on youth power, creative resistance, prison abolition, and collective liberation.

Rock Camp is a youth initiative for the Carolina Youth Action Project. CYAP describes themselves as an abolitionist organization that seeks to empower and educate girls, trans and non conforming youth.