Reality TV has never been the launching pad to superstardom, that is if you take American Idol out of the equation. (It’s an old school talent contest more than anything else; it lacks the one characteristic that makes reality TV, reality TV — interpersonal drama.) Yes, there have been some personalities who’ve made the transition to some sort of long-term celebrity — and by that we mean Survivor’s Elizabeth Hasselbeck and, well, that’s pretty much it. Still, if you land on a show, you can eke out a pretty successful D-level career. Particularly if you’re one of the gals on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. If you haven’t seen Rock of Love, here’s how it works. Washed-up hair metal singers needs nookie. A cast of strippers and former porn stars need money and/or have aspirations of being an A-lister. Add alcohol and watch them fight and play patty-cake, as one by one the girls are eliminated. The rocker takes least-skankiest Barbie doll as his temporary concubine. Reunion shows occur. Season Four begins filming. You get the idea. Well, tonight two of Bret’s newest playtoys will be in town to show you what they may have or may not have shown Bret — the tequila-swilling, cheese-puff-eating Marcia and the racked-and-stacked, what-the-French-spouting, bitchy blonde bombshell Farrah Sinclair. Tonight, both Marcia and Farrah will be shaking their moneymakers at Jaguars Gentleman’s Club (2015 Pittsburgh Ave., 1-888-84-JAGUARS). Doors to the club open at 4 p.m. As for what time, the Rock of Love Bus pair take the stage, well, you’ll have to go the Jaguars to find out. Meow. —Chris Haire