Mt. Pleasant’s new Rock Paper Scissors is no cookie-cutter craft studio. They have all sorts of out-of-the-box crafting classes, from assembling mirrors to designing lamps. Think Bottles & Brushes, except with an unexpected allotment of craft-actular surprises.

The studio opened June 1 and hosts an assortment of unique classes throughout the week and on weekends. Craft studios are basically the real-life Pinterest, but instead of re-pinning every craft project you find and never doing any of them, or going through the heartache of trial and error and wasting material, instructors are there to provide exactly what you need and show you how to make it. Local artists provide tutorials and teach classes on their specific expertise. They also have crafting hours on weekdays, except Tuesday, when the studio is closed.

The studio name came from a pow-wow and just seemed to fit, according to artist-in-resident Amanda Robles. “It was a bunch of us sitting around, mulling it over, and we came up with Rock Paper Scissors. It was something basic that was in the niche and encompassed everything having to do with arts and crafts. I mean you use scissors for literally everything,” says Robles.

Classes cost a set fee that includes all the materials needed to create the featured craft and step-by-step instruction. “We want you to gain knowledge by coming into our classes. You can take the object that you made home with you and we hope you will have learned enough skills to re-create it if you want,” says Robles. Most classes last between two and three hours and are very laid back — the focus is not only on creating art, but on providing a fun, social atmosphere. There is a designated social area in the front room where crafters are encouraged to sit and chat before and after classes and crafters can also bring wine or beer.

“After I left art school, I felt myself not doing art as much, but when you have creative people around you, you find yourself much more inspired,” says Robles. “We are trying to create a crafting community for those who are artistically gifted or want to be.”

For a full schedule, see Rock Paper Scissors’ website.