L.A. resident Molly Prather based her one-woman show, (Bleep), Marry, Kill, on the game where players are given the names of three people and they must decide who they would marry, kill, or, um, bleep. Speaking of bleeps, you’ll be getting a lot of those from Prather. She says, “I kind of have a sailor’s mouth.”

She’s also a writer and performer whose work has appeared on TMZ on TV and The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She worked with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York before making the transition to their L.A. outpost.

Prather feels that her stories are very relatable. “We’re all kind of like junior high school kids trying to figure it out,” she says. “I’ve been boy crazy since kindergarten, and I think when that is the greatest pursuit of your life, of course you’re going to come up with some stories.”

Dave Hill, who’s joining Prather, draws inspiration from slightly different life experiences: working as a musician in Japan. His one-man show Big in Japan chronicles his time spent touring the island nation. You can expect the guitar to be big part of his act.

In 2007, Hill was named one of Variety magazine’s “10 Comics to Watch.” Let’s hope Hill’s not just big in 2007.