I tell you I’m offended by comments that Rocky D made on the air yesterday. Offended.

Quite honestly, it bothers me to no end that Rocky erroneously called me a “white, greasy liberal.” It’s simply not true. I’m a “damn, dirty hippie,” not a “white, greasy liberal.”

The point is that I’m motivated less by any sort of political inclination than I am by sheer laziness. After all, I don’t wear deodorant most days and I normally don’t shower on the weekends. Hell, I’ve been know to wear the same pair of jeans for an entire month without washing them.

That said, my degeneracy only goes so far. I draw the line at patchouli and jam bands. Those two things are too foul even for me.

Of course, Rocky had more to talk about then just me. In fact, he had some fun things to say about Koreans and blacks. Enjoy.