I have little patience for assholery these days.

Maybe it’s because I’m a dad.

Maybe it’s because I’m tired of seeing our country going down the crapper.

Maybe it’s because my head is pounding, my mouth is dry, and the coffee just won’t brew fast enough.

Because for a second there — just a friggin second — I was fully intent on heading to Northwoods Mall, finding Santa Claus, and letting him know the one thing that I want for this Christmas — for WTMA to fire Rocky D. I’d really had enough of his racist bullshit.

Fortunately, I changed my mind. I’m this close to being on Santa’s naughty list myself, and I was worried wishing ill on Rock wouldn’t set too well with St. Nick.

I’ve written about Rocky’s antics before.

Like the time he said that Mexicans eat cats and dogs.

Or the time he decided that the best way to honor black Confederate soldiers was to mock them.

But yesterday was the final straw.

See Rocky, in an interview with Confederate Heritage Trust’s Jeff Antley, about the Dec. 20 Secession Play and Ball at the Gaillard Auditorium, decided that busting out a little ebonics was in order. Hit the play button below and listen to “da truf” about WTMA’s midday schlock jock.