Following the release of May Day, Rocky Horror was looking for a change. The 2011 City Paper Music Awards’ DJ/turntablist/electronic artist of the year, Rocky decided to take a break from crafting fast and furious beats and opted for a slower, more atmospheric approach. And he found inspiration in the most unlikely of places, NASA transmissions and 2012 prophecies. The end result is a new project called Worship the Sky and a five-song EP of the same name. When asked why he choose not to release his latest creation as Rocky Horror, the electronic artist says, “I wanted to keep the two separate,” noting that he wanted listeners to know that with Worship the Sky they were getting something there was decidedly different from the typical Rocky release. “I wanted to boil things down, but still leave it kind of dark,” he adds. You can listen to Worship the Sky at Rocky Horror’s website, rhclubmusic.com.