Around 11:30 p.m. last night the Charleston Fire Department responded to a pit fire at Rodney Scott’s BBQ on King Street. CFD has not returned calls for comment this morning, however, Melany Robinson, Scott’s publicist says, the situation was more of a flare up than fire.

“The hog on the pit caught fire, CFD came over and extinguished it,” Robinson says.

Fortunately no damage was done to the building — only the hog that was cooking was lost — and the restaurant is operating as usual today.

The threat of pit fires, however, are all too familiar to Scott. The day before Thanksgiving in 2013, one of the 15 pigs cooking on Rodney Scott’s pits in Hemingway, S.C. caught fire, igniting the grease of the hogs and burning down his cookhouse. No one was injured, but the loss nearly meant the end of Scott’s family business. But with the help of The Fatback Collective, a group of 20 or so cooks, restaurateurs, and writers, Scott embarked on a fundraising tour and was able to reopen.

Thankfully this fire was just a scare. “Everything is fine,” Scott says in a text this morning. “Thank you for checking.”