Perhaps our generation just can’t hang when it comes to roller disco, because despite having all the makings of a killer event, Sunday night’s Roller Disco at Hot Wheels was slightly lackluster. It could have been the surprisingly fall-like chill in the air, or the fact that it was a Sunday, that dampened what should have been a cool and kitschy night. Somehow not even a back-flipping disco king could ratchet up the excitement to a passable hum.

Attendees did, however, show up in some pretty impressive ’70s garb, ranging from the ever-popular short-shorts-and-tall-socks combo to full vintage polyester outfits. Many of the skaters themselves were no less impressive, pivoting and spinning and, yes, back flipping around the floor like Lil’ Bow Wow in Roll Bounce. One of the most memorable displays of the night was during the limbo contest, when the soon-to-be winner zoomed under the bar practically sideways, crouching with one leg crossed in front of the other in what could have been a high-speed yoga pose.

Roller derby girls from the Lowcountry Highrollers were recognizable by their huge kneepads and serious style, but the old-school skating games that they were supposedly going to lead didn’t materialize. The organizers were generous with raffle tickets, giving out a second round to everyone after the first drawing of the night lacked a winner.

The crowd got rowdier for the drawings than they did for anything else, hooting or yelling depending on their luck. With all the prizes distributed, the more dedicated skaters headed back to the floor to make a few more revolutions beneath the shimmery lights of the disco ball before heading out the door, a bit wobbly off their wheels.