We could feel the bass shaking the amphitheater as soon as we walked into the Charleston Music Hall on Wednesday night for the Sound Tribe Sector 9 show. Rainbow lights burst from the stage, cascading through the silhouette of a crowd filled with dread heads and techno babies. It was hard not to compare the STS9 show to the collective experience of life. Each number sent us through a rollercoaster of ups and downs, dynamically transitioning from high impact frequencies to a waterfall of soothing beats. By the end of each song, our hands were raised in triumph as we let the music conquer our bodies with a lasting feeling of peace. Still craving more, we crossed over John Street to the Black Cart for the STS9 afterparty. Eliot Lipp and Chronicles of the Landsquid kicked it up a few notches and kept everyone raging. That, along with Black Cart’s $2 well drinks, and the night of electronic music mania was complete. —Alison Sher