The pundits ganged up on Paul best they could and he not only kept swinging, but injected a healthy dose of common sense into the ongoing debate over the bad economy. Lew Rockwell described the exchange this way:

“Ron was the star of the Morning Joeys today. It was a cage match on the economy. They’d throw one Keynesian guy at Ron, and when the guy was beaten, they’d throw another Keynesian, and another. Ron was superb, even by Paulian standards. He wielded the empire, the Fed, Greenspan,l fractional-reserve banking, and other unmentionables against the economic ignoramuses.”

What struck me is how some of these folks seemed to suggest Paul’s dollars-and-cents common sense was somehow “utopian.” I don’t remember the punditry questioning President Bush too hard as to whether trying to establish American-style democracy in the Middle East was utopian, which it unquestionably was, not to mention has a lot to do with the current economic crisis – and Paul goes there: