Deafening Silence From the Right Wing Noise Machine on Ron’s Haul

Last time, I did a blog roundup for the right wing blogosphere’s reaction to Ron Paul’s moneybomb on November 5th. This time, while casually looking around ready to compile links, I found it weirdly silent on the matter.

The fourth quarter is historically the lowest quarter for fundraising in the primaries. And by my count, Ron looks to exceed any other Republican’s haul for any quarter this season (for primary money). Yesterday was the biggest single-day haul (they say) in the history of the primary process, certainly for the GOP. And all of this in the Republican party. Ron Paul is now arguably the most successful GOP fundraiser in Presidential primary history—that’s not even debatable when return for investment or name ID is factored in. By all rights, this should be (is!) the biggest story in the Republican primary this year short of who actually wins the damn thing, and even then it’s close.

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