Writes Patroon at Conservative Heritage Times:

“Kudos last night to North Carolina voters for nominating B.J. Lawson, a bonified Ron Paul Republican to the nomination for the 4th Congressional District and re-electing Walter Jones Jr. to the sixth CD.  Jones was the only GOP member of Congress to endorse Paul for President.

This is important because while Lawson faces an uphillclimb in a heavily Democratic district, just the fact he won the district puts it Ron Paul’s hands. Given the way the GOP divies up its delegates to its national convention by Congressional District, controlling a district is a big deal and means Ron Paul’s Republicans are going to have influence and power within the party in the future regardless what happens this fall.

Jones’ election is also important to show Republicans that opposing the war, even in a district filled with military bases, is not a political death sentence. Voters do actually respect Congressmen who take a stand even if they may disagree with it (or maybe they privately agree. If they thought Jones was cut-in-run peacenik, wouldn’t the margin have been just a little closer than 2-to-1?).”

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