The lack of live shows in 2020 may have dampened the spirit of local indie band Rowan Oak, but the group persevered and recently released a new full-length album, Last Known Whereabouts of the Moon. The album dropped April 16, but its artistic elements have been developing in Corey Cromer’s head since 2012. The recording came together between drummer Cole Collin’s home studio in Charleston and Pulse Studio in Augusta, Georgia, with help from bassist Joe Looney, drummer Black Pierson, and vocalist Rachel Collins. 

Cromer describes Rowan Oak as a “mystery flavor” rock band. The 11 tracks on the new album deliver Band of Horses-flavored rock and vocal stylings reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel. Cromer has done live-to-tape recording and put out lo-fi bedroom pop in the past, but Last Known Whereabouts of the Moon is his milestone endeavor into making a professionally produced record. “I always try to come from a Southern gothic approach to music, but we jump around a lot from sound to sound.”