Here’s some observations from Rudy’s town hall meeting:

• NPR’s Mara Liason was walking around the audience asking people if they were planning to vote in the Republican Primary. She introduced herself to Arthur Ravenel Jr. and she got a blank stare. Obviously not an NPR listener.

• A class of second graders was at the event and Rudy asked a few of them what they wanted to be when they grew up. Two students said they wanted to be doctors, leading Giuliani to joke that they should practice together, unintentionally suggesting these two second-graders play doctor.

• While waiting for Rudy to show up, a local TV reporter, who was sitting at the end of the make-shift press row, put her purse in her chair and headed off to the bathroom. While she was gone, a feature writer for Rolling Stone arrived, pulling a chair from the back of the room and sitting it beside the local reporter’s. When she came back she accused him (nicely) of taking her seat. He tried to explain that he moved the seat and that her chair had been left untouched, but she wasn’t having it. Finally he said sternly, “Do you want this seat?!” It turned out she had a runny nose and she didn’t want to bother anyone by getting up and walking in front of them if she had to blow her nose during the speech.