Last night, after watching the Harvard Sailing Team put on a brilliant show at the Charleston Ballet Theatre‘s studios on King Street, I was told a few things that if true may prove to be a troubling trend: The Charleston Ballet Theatre might be losing its lease and the Redux Contemporary Art Center on St. Philip Street might be losing its lease, too.

I have to make some phone calls today to get confirmations or denials, but if any of this is true, this would be the latest in a string of arts venues to be lost since I moved here in October.

Cumberland’s closed last month. PURE Theatre, which opened its latest offering, The Tragedian, last night (critic William Bryan tells me it was “very, very good show”), lost is lease at the Cigar Factory late last year. And now CBT and Redux. Hmm. What’s happening? Is it the Specter of Condos once again. More later — J.S.