[image-1] Charleston musician Matthew Kortheuer a.k.a. Rural Resonance released a new single, “Recovery,” on Nov. 5. Kortheuer describes his sound as “trap, future bass, and breakbeat hip-hop,” while admitting how hard it is to subject himself to one genre. “I have a lot of inspiration ranging from alternative to hip-hop to electronic music,” says Kortheuer.

How Kortheuer wrote his new single is an interesting story. After suffering from writer’s block for months, he decided to take a vacation with his family to the Appalachian Mountains where he found inspiration. “For some reason during the vacation, I felt myself more relaxed and open to my creative flow,” says Kortheuer. “‘Recovery’ was a breaking point for myself.”

“Recovery” isn’t the only thing Kortheuer has been working toward. “This release and a couple after this one, in the coming months, will be leading up to an EP/album in spring 2020,” says Kortheuer. “This will be my first official multi-track release.”

Check out his unique mix of sounds and genres for yourself on Spotify, and stay tuned for more music from Rural Resonance in the coming months.