Here are Ruth Reichl’s tweets about Charleston, in chronological order, in case you’re interested and you still don’t know what the hell twitter is:

Hate packing. But it’s going to be 70 in Charleston. Dinner tonight at Hominy Grill. Scott Peacock is cooking. Can’t wait.

@noodlr Just landed in low country, and it is heaven. Sunshine, gentle winds, water everywhere. Sitting on screened porch, breathing slow.

Went to scarily friendly Publix Market. Smoked turkey necks and ham hocks in meat department. Know I am souther than I was this morning.

Inspiring dinner at Hominy. Scott Peacock’s oyster stew with ham biscuits. Robert’s shad with shad roe beurre blanc. Rare quail. Pecan short

Sun-starved northerner, happily wandering Middleton Plantation gardens, stops to ponder the impulse to tame nature. Crazy, costly, futile.

Back from evening of eating Charleston. Chefs everywhere. Foie gras with waffles, bananas and blis maple syrup. Pig roast. Pappy Van Winkle.

What I forgot to mention: Sean Brock’s awesome charcuterie at McCrady’s. Wylie Dufresne, Frank Stitt, Johnny Iuzzini there devouring it too.

Just came inside and I am, incredibly, sunburned! from web

Michael, in Charleston, dined at Fig last night. Said it was one of the best meals he ever ate. Can’t stop talking about lamb bolognese.

According to FIG’s PR rep, there will be a piece about Charleston in the May issue of Gourmet written by Christian Wright featuring Lata and some other chefs.

A photographer was in town two weeks ago for a photo shoot. A couple days ago, same PR rep tweeted about a photo shoot for Details magazine. Mike Lata seems to be the man these days.