Right on the heels of Brian Bustos’ whimsical exhibition, Broad Street’s newest contemporary gallery is opening a show featuring New York artist Ryan Cronin. Scoop Studios says buh-bye to Brian on Thursday, and welcomes Ryan on Fri. July 31 from 5-8 p.m.

This will be Cronin’s first solo show in Charleston as part of his East Coast summer tour. His style is borderline juvenile, and his influences range from pop songs to hand-lettered signs.

“His paintings stand out because the vibrant colors do not just speak to you, they scream,” says SCOOP co-owner Colleen Deihl.

While you just have to see his art to understand it, we think the artist does a good job of describing it on his website.

“When people look at my work I want them to feel an immediate impact, even if they’re not sure what hit them. The raw, almost childlike appearance of my work belies my reflective underlying vision. I delight in unexpected or enigmatic juxtapositions in terms of both theme and placement, and often bring a sense of humor to bear on troubling contemporary issues. This sensibility, combined with quick, instinctive brushstrokes and a vibrant palette, result in striking images that can simultaneously disturb and entertain.”

Meet Cronin at the free reception, where you can enjoy refreshments and ask him about his art. The show will be on view through August.