Local TV host Ryan Nelson is enjoying her first holiday break in a long time. On Oct. 30, Nelson was replaced as host of Lowcountry Live, the cozy daytime talk show on Channel 4, WCIV.

Suzanne Teagle, general manager of WCIV, says the move was a financial decision, not a personal one. “It’s a diversion of resources,” Teagle says. “It makes more sense to use an anchorwoman to host the show.” Erin Colgan, an anchor on Good Morning Charleston, has taken over from Nelson. She is joined by co-anchor Evan Kelly and meteorologist Dave Williams. Williams co-hosted Lowcountry Live with Nelson before the changeover.

“Erin’s first day was Nov. 19th,” Teagle says. “We’ve had good feedback, although some people are diehard Ryan fans.” The new hosts don’t signify any major format change for the show.

Nelson can currently be seen on Comcast’s C2 channel, but she won’t be doing as many high-profile public appearances as in previous years. She has no hard feelings about ABC’s decision. “I had a blast and got to meet lots of cool people,” she says. “But it’s kind of liberating to be off for the holidays for the first time in forever. I’m going to be poor but happy.”