Republican candidate for Congress Tommy Pope is running in a crowded field to succeed Mick Mulvaney in South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District. A total of seven Republicans and one Democrat have entered the race by our last count.

When you’re going up against six other people in a primary, you have to do things to stand out. Some candidates throw barbecues to get people to come out and hear their message. Free food, enough said. Some people bring in celebrity endorsements — Oprah at Williams Brice, Sarah Palin on the Statehouse steps… the strategy there is pretty self-explanatory. Some people give away guns. A splashy choice, for sure, and certainly good for at least a bit of media coverage.

And then some people give away designer purses sold by the president’s daughter. This is the path Tommy Pope has taken.

A sign-up page at boasts, “You can’t get it at Nordstrom, but you can get it here!”

Of course, the backstory here is that when Nordstrom decided to ditch Ivanka Trump’s brand of designer clothing and accessories, President Donald Trump came to his daughter’s defense, saying that she had “been treated so unfairly.”

Yesterday, Pope decided to join in the fight on Ivanka Trump’s behalf: “Since the liberal media and national retailers are trying all they can to hurt Ivanka Trump’s business, we’ve decided to give away one of her purses to show our support.”

Pope says the purse is valued at $125 and could be yours with a simple email address sign-up.