As I’ve said before, SCGOP chair Chad Connelly is a self-help-seminar sellevangelist trying to get South Carolinians to buy into a multi-level marketing batch of bullshit.

And because the Palmetto State is pig sty packed with Red State swine content to live off the race-baiting slop disguised as the state’s Voter ID bill and are content to roll around in the collective shit of 200-plus years of plantation-massa asshatery, a vile bow-to-your-betters philosophy that forces downtrodden whites down on their hands and knees in subservience, a boarish conman like Connelly has managed to find success despite his numerous shortcomings, namely that he’s a liar.

Now, Connelly’s spinning another like yarn, one that’s sure to be slurped up by his fellow GOPers.

In a recently released email blast, Connelly makes the bizarre claim that thanks to Sandra Fluke, the Democratic Party now believes that “abortions and taxpayer-funded birth control are rites of passage for every teenage girl – sort of like the prom or a first car.”

A more sensible man than me would probably point out that Connelly is engaged in the sort of partisan smack talking that South Carolina politicos currently favor above any and all other forms of communications and that none of what the GOP chair says should be taken seriously. After all, the Democratic Party’s own pistol waving, gay-bashing führer Dick Harpootlian engages in this sort of over-the-top BS all the time.

And while that’s probably true, there’s no reason that Connelly’s comment should go unnoticed. It’s yet another example of the GOP’s ongoing fascination with waging a truly misguided war on women, which just might be the deciding factor in tipping the election in President Barack Obama’s favor. At the very least, it will doom the Republican Party’s chances among the nation’s female population in the future — well, except for the few Auntie Toms who believe that their sole purpose in life is to birth babies and perform their fortnightly wifely duties with a grimace.

Seriously, folks, exactly why has the Republican Party decided that contraception is bad thing? Is it because they believe that the Michelle Duggar demographic is the wave of the future? Honestly, I just don’t know and I just don’t get it. If this is part of the GOP’s long-term strategy, then there won’t be a long term.