[image-1] South Carolina’s own Manny Houston has made it in the Big Apple, big time. He landed a role on the cast of Forbidden Broadway, which Houston describes as a “cabaret style show that spoofs and mocks the most recent offerings of shows on Broadway.”

Forbidden Broadway is an off-broadway show that’s had many editions since the ’80s, and has again come back to life with new material, more showings, and one of Charleston’s own in the cast. The show’s preview was Sept. 18, with an official opening Oct. 16 at The Triad on New York’s Upper West Side.

As a popular vocalist, musician, and actor, Houston is an inspiration to aspiring talent. “This show is full of a lot of impersonations of famous Broadway stars, which honestly was never something I thought I would be doing,” says Houston. “I’ve learned over the years to not say ‘no’ to something just because you don’t feel comfortable immediately doing it.”

Forbidden Broadway has had viewers laughing since the ’80s. The laughter and talent is back, and so is the chance to see the show live. “We do six shows a week at the moment,” says Houston. “This requires a lot of stamina and discipline.” If you find yourself in New York City in the coming weeks, tickets for Forbidden Broadway can be purchased online. The show runs through Nov. 30.