Thanks, Rick. Thanks a fucking lot.

I mean for Pete’s sake, if South Carolina is going to declare war on the federal government, well, it would have been nice for, you know, a frikkin’ South Carolinian to do it, not some half-wit from Texas who has trouble counting to three.

But that’s what Gov. Perry did, according to Peter Hamby of CNN.

In a recent post, Hamby reports:

At a luncheon with business leaders in Greenville, Perry attacked the Obama administration for suing to block a controversial immigration law recently enacted here, and he chided the National Labor Relations Board for intervening in the construction of a controversial Boeing Dreamliner facility in Charleston.

“South Carolina, you are in a state of war with the federal government,” Perry said.

I mean, geez, the last time South Carolina went to war against Uncle Sam, we got out asses handed to us. Hell, Charleston got beat up so bad, we didn’t even begin to turn it around until Joe Riley took over as mayor in 1975.

Now, thanks to the Brokeback jacket-wearing, Lord of Niggerhead ranch, the place that I call home, the city that I love more than any other, is sure to be reduced to rubble, that is once Obama sends the U.S. armed forces down here to get medieval on our asses.

Seriously, folks, thanks to Perry, Charleston’s days are numbered.

Hopefully, Mayor Riley will call up the president and apologize before the first Union forces arrive.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time to declare a War on Stupid. And I know just where to start: At the ballot box on Sat. Jan. 21. I guarantee you if every voter in South Carolina joins together, we’ll never have to hear about Rick Perry again.