At least one of Herman Cain’s accusers now has a public face and a name — Sharon Bialek.

Bialek is the fourth women who was reportedly sexually harassed by the GOP presidential candidate and pizza magnate, but the first to step in front of the camera and give all of us dirty ole bastards in the media — and those sitting at home in front of their tellies and laptops — all the salacious details.

While the details of Cain and Bialek’s encounter is a bit more Dear Abby than Penthouse Letters than I would have liked — or heck, even Cosmo — it’s damning nonetheless. However, the new accusations probably did little to change the minds of true believers on both sides — be they diehard Cain fans or Democrats hoping to see the GOP frontrunner on his knees.

What makes this particularly funny is that this just this weekend, the pundits on TV were proclaiming the scandal all but over. Ha.

Today, the Politico has a story about prominent members of the GOP who are urging Herman Cain to speak frankly about these allegations, something that the pizza man has so far refused to do.

One of those is the Palmetto State’s own, Oran Smith, of the Palmetto Family Council. Here’s what Smith had to say:

“The American people and specifically Republican primary voters need some closure on this and really only he can do that,” said Oran Smith, who heads the Christian conservative Palmetto Family Council in South Carolina.

Smith, who has met Cain and calls himself “a fan” of the businessman, said the candidate’s plain-spoken manner has GOP activists conditioned to expect more candor.

“They’re used to hearing him take things straight up, so in a sense he’s put himself in a position where he has to confront this,” said the social conservative leader. “But that’s not what we’ve gotten so far.”

Now, maybe all of this pressure worked since the Cain camp will host a presser in Phoenix today at 6 p.m. to address the latest allegations. Here’s what Cain’s people had to say:

It is noteworthy that Gloria Allred is a celebrity lawyer who specializes in generating publicity for herself and her clients.

Ms. Allred is a high-profile Democrat Party donor and activist who has given over ten thousand dollars to liberal Democrats like Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

The questions the media should be asking are who’s paying for Gloria Allred’s fee, how did Ms. Bialek get introduced to Ms. Allred, and was she paid to come forward with these false accusations or was she promised employment?

After attacking Herman Cain through anonymous accusers for a week, his opponents have now convinced a woman with a long history of severe financial difficulties, including personal bankruptcy, to falsely accuse the Republican frontrunner of events occurring over a decade ago for which there is no record, nor even a complaint filed.

Somewhere on the campaign trail, Mitt Romney is laughing so hard his wet his magic underwear.