Three more guns in South Carolina. That is our government’s response to 17 murdered children.

S.C. Representative Steven Long is solving the gun violence problem by raffling three guns to two teachers and one “freedom loving patriot.” I suppose if a murderer happens to walk into one of the lucky schools where one of these guns ends up and that terrorist happens to walk into that classroom and the teacher has the mentality of a soldier or police officer, this might be something more than just a shameless publicity stunt.

Long, who was endorsed by the National Rifle Association during his 2016 campaign, should be removed from office and have his Concealed Weapons Permit revoked pending a psychological evaluation. Additionally, the NRA should be considered a terrorist organization.

Announcing the gun raffle on his website, Long states, “We must do everything we can to ensure the safety of children in schools.” This obviously excludes any legislative effort or government responsibility whatsoever.

“Allowing teachers … to carry is the most efficient and effective way to (ensure the safety of children),” he says. This is only true if we take the burden of protecting citizens away from police and government. In which case, what are we paying you for? You’re actually making a case for anarchy.

Long refers to those who commit gun violence in schools as “mentally defective cowards” and “deranged psychotic degenerates” who will be deterred by teachers with guns. This might prove true if they’re not mentally defective, psychotic degenerates, in which case they’re probably not shooting up schools. To say arming teachers is the most effective way to protect students suggests a mental dysfunction itself, or the epitome of laziness. You pick.

Long also says, “by allowing trained adults to defend the students, we will send the message … that children are our top priority and we will protect them.”

Great thought! These trained adults are called police. If children are truly a top priority, perhaps we don’t take teachers who are struggling in a state ranked last in education according to US News and World Report and try to burden them with the additional role of being anti-terrorist soldiers. Instead, perhaps as a representative, you commit to providing real security measures for every public school in South Carolina. Do your job.

Furthermore, teachers are human and equally capable of being unstable. Consider the Georgia teacher who brought his gun to school on February 28, locked himself in a classroom, and fired a shot for no reason. But sure, just hand them out to everybody.

Teachers should not be the first line of defense against terrorists and “psychotic degenerates” because politicians care more about conservative votes. The government should be the first line of defense. It’s why we, as citizens, give up certain rights in exchange for a “functional” government. It’s your job to promote peace and order. In 2018, it’s absurd that protecting school children means turning educational institutions into Tombstone, Arizona where everyone is carrying a gun, waiting for a showdown.

Children are being murdered in America and inept representatives like Long have desecrated our government to the point that the children of this country are holding rallies trying to get someone in government to do anything relevant; anything besides prioritizing NRA support. American schoolchildren who fear for their lives are literally begging you to care.

Consider the gravity of American children protesting because the government is so self-concerned that it refuses to take any relevant action to stop kids from being murdered. Long, his cronies, and everyone who hides behind the Second Amendment to keep themselves from being stained by the blood of American children should be ashamed.

Legislators and gun-thirsty citizens must stop prioritizing the NRA propaganda before the lives of children. Do we need to get on our knees and beg? We’ll do it. Keeping assault rifles away from the mentally unstable should not be an obstacle to curbing murder. Is something as simple as closing the gun loophole so terrifying that you’ll sacrifice children to appease the NRA Gun God?

But, congratulations Steven Long. I’m sure you’ve earned your NRA endorsement for the 2018 election. I’m sure you’d join Donald Trump and run into one of these buildings where children are being murdered, if you could manage to get your feet off your desk. I’m also sure that parents and siblings will take comfort in that thought while burying their loved ones. I’m sure they’ll praise your commitment to the NRA and the “Second Amendment” while the dirt is being thrown on the casket. I’m sure you’ll sleep well, too. Just be sure to wash the blood off your hands first because those stains don’t come out easily.