Today the South Carolina Arts Commission released findings from a new study authored by Douglas P. Woodward, Ph.D., who serves as the director of the Division of Research and professor of economics at the Darla Moore School at USC.

Utilizing data from the 2014 U.S. census and economic analysis bureaus and commerce department, and analyzing the S.C. economy associated with the arts, design, crafts, and related activities, the study found that South Carolina’s Arts-Related Economic Cluster supports 115,000 jobs, is responsible for $3.8 billion in labor income, and generates $269 million in tax revenue.

In a press release S.C. Arts Commission executive director Ken May said, “It’s certainly appropriate for state leaders to pay attention to the arts as a viable economic driver just as they do agriculture, manufacturing, and other key sectors. This report gives context to the work by artists and arts organizations all over the state and connects those efforts to S.C.’s creative economy.”

Check out the full study below.  [pdf-1]