Racists are a funny lot.

They’ll tell off-color jokes to their friends and family members.

They’ll wax moronic about how white football quarterbacks are guided by smarts while black athletes have natural instincts.

They’ll bitch and moan about all the African-American welfare queens while carefully ignoring the fact that white people are the predominant beneficiaries of government-assistance programs like welfare, Medicare, and the like.

And they’ll tell you with a straight face that President Barack Obama is a Kenyan anti-colonialist and a food stamp president who wants to destroy America, which is why they’ve got to take it back. Of course, we know exactly who they want to take America back from — the African American and Latino populations that will very soon end the white population’s majority hold on this nation.

But if you press them on it, they will swear up and down that they aren’t racist. Never. Nuh uh. No how.

S.C. state Rep. Alan Clemmons is one of these guys.

See, a three-judge panel in U.S. District Court is currently hearing a case against South Carolina’s noxious Voter ID law. As I’ve said before, the Palmetto State could have avoided all of this by grandfathering in all current registered voters and requiring a Voter ID only for future voters — like the GOPers in the state Senate wanted. But thanks to House members like Clemmons — and a fear that the red-meat Red Staters in South Carolina would rise up with pitchsporks and Bic lighters — they didn’t. And with it, the Republicans at the Statehouse revealed their true intention: purging voters from the roll, a significant chunk of which are black and poor and young, i.e. Democratic voters.

When it comes to Alan Clemmons, there is little doubt that this is what he wanted to do when he co-sponsored the Voter ID bill. Following the 2008 presidential election, a moment that saw a record number of black voters, Clemmons told a group of Georgetown County GOPers that “bus loads of voters” showed up at the polls to cast absentee ballots, a move which tipped one local election in the Democratic Party’s favor, or so the City Paper‘s own Will Moredock reported back in 2011.

Now, you know and I know and everyone that was in that room that day knows exactly what Clemmons was talking about, he more so than anybody else. “Busload of voters” was, is, and forever will be code for black voters. If you’re the type of delusional douche bag who denies this, then chances are you’re a fucking racist. There’s no argument.

Well, this week Clemmons was caught being a racist asshat again, thanks to an e-mail exchange presented to three federal judges in U.S. District Court on Tuesday. In it, a Voter ID supporter makes a few startling comments to Clemmons — namely that U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn and S.C. Democratic Party head Dick Harpootlian are racists and that if the state promises black people a $100 bill apiece they’ll flock like “bees to a watermelon” to the DMV to get an ID.

And exactly how does Clemmons respond to such an inflammatory email? With an enthusiastic “Amen,” and I mean that exactly. His words, not mine. (See the PDF below for more.)


When questioned by the panel, Clemmons admitted that the comments were, in his opinion, racist. He also admitted that, gasp, both Clyburn and Harpootlian are not racists. Even worse — when you consider the us-vs-those-people mentality of the average white rabid right-winger in the Palmettto State — Clemmons was forced to acknowledge that he considers Clyburn to be his friend. (For the record, Dick Harpootlian may not be a racist, but he is a homophobic bigot.)

Well, Alan, I doubt you and Clyburn will be buddies for much longer, that is if you ever were. Asshole.

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